About us

Our Mission

Founded in 2019, Modular Aerospace is on a mission to reduce the time constant of aerospace. This time from concept to actual mission is critical to being competitive. By avoiding unnecessary re-engineering and enabling rapid integration of custom mission equipment, missions fly sooner. With modularity at its core, missions can adapt to new requirements efficiently. This is the Future of Avionics! We achieved this by bringing a new avionics architecture to market providing a high-performance system that is adaptable, reliable, secure, and affordable. Our solution serves every domain including airborne, spacecraft, space launch, hypersonic, lunar robotics, autonomous ground vehicles, and naval vessels.

Our Team

The Modular Aerospace team also operates as Conduction Technologies, leveraging its resources in various markets for training and diverse engineering experience.

Available to conceptualize, design, analyze, build, test, and document electronic circuits. This may include work with power supplies, microprocessors, sensors, radios, and other critical technologies for most embedded projects. Advanced technologies demand state-of-the-art design with state-of-the-art chip and manufacturing processes. Often,  electrical design are robotically manufactured. 

Available to conceptualize, design, implement, document, and test embedded firmware and software for controlling the embedded systems. This may include work with bare metal RTOS, Linux, etc. on various architectures such as ARM. Real time, stable, secure code is a common theme across programs. 

Available to conceptualize, design, prototype manufacture, document, and test various mechanical systems, both as mechanisms and housings. Thermal and structural design is critical but challenged by manufacturability, environmental protection, weight, and reliability challenges. These designs include metals, plastics, composites, and other materials, depending on the program.

Responsible for developing, maintaining, and reporting the complex set of tasks for a product to be developed. This includes internal efforts and other supplier efforts to ensure a successful outcome for programs.

As designs are created, we manufacture first prototypes for customers to test and validate that the design meets the requirements. This may invoice electronics assembly, mechanical fabrication, or system level testing.

Often tightly coupled with embedded system development is a mobile app! We are available to conceptualize, design, implement, document, and test cross-platform mobile apps developed in Flutter. We have an internal software repository we are able to use to move efficiently through the development of apps talking with hardware for customer projects.


Modular Aerospace is led by Eric Becnel. He has over a decade of experience supporting system level integration with embedded technologies. This experience includes spacecraft, manned aviation, unmanned aviation, industrial, health, and consumer product development, often serving as a chief engineer. He has supported private industry (X-prize missions and tech startups) in addition to working with NASA, ARMY, and AFWERX on various programs. Mr. Becnel is an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer, with a master’s degree in advanced heat transfer. He has experience with electronics, embedded firmware, solar cells, batteries, metals, plastics, manufacturing, testing, quality control, production processes, and more. 

Eric Becnel Conduction Technologies Chief Engineer

Using this wide range of experience, Mr. Becnel is a critical problem solver and approaches each question by understanding the requirements of a given technical need, evaluating possible technical solutions, and making a recommendation of how to best use available technologies. The method of creative problem solving has resulted in the development of multiple patented technologies

Our Office

If you are in the Huntsville, Alabama area, schedule an appointment to visit our engineering office for a behind the scenes look at how we solve complex avionics problems and support mission success.